About Us

Plus 360 Degrees is a young team of highly skilled professionals with the focus of creating High-End Interactive 3D applications. Our aim is to make the most realistic and jaw-dropping product visualisations, targeting all platforms. We also create games and installations for different purposes.


Car Visualizer Classics
Launch Project

Car Visualizer Classics presents an interactive 3D gallery of cars from the 60's made in HTML5 and WebGL. Customize the colors of the cars, explore them from all the angles and enjoy the presentation we have prepared for you. More details, more shiny than ever, the new 360 car customizer brings you closer to classic cars. See the gallery.

The Boeing Company

Collaboration with The Boeing Company in creating realtime presentations using modern Web technologies. Together with their talented creative team, we ended up having great results in making the hero models of each commercial airplane flying while the user could explore them. It targeted multi-touch kiosks and it was built using ThreeJS. See the gallery.

Smog Bicyclettes
Launch Project

Smog Bicyclettes is a project made in collaboration with Epok Design Studio and Accessite for the french bicycle brand Smog. The project aims at giving the possibility to the users to be able to customize their bicycles and buy them online. See the gallery.

Car Visualizer
Launch Project

Created with WebGL and ThreeJS engine and a second version in Flash/Stage3D and Away3D engine it allows the users to customize the color and material of the car, the rims color in a variety of models. There is the possibility to explore it from all the angles. The project has won several awards and has been featured in different technology blogs. See the gallery.


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